Wednesday, August 17, 2011

'What I eat doesn't eat me'

Morning, early:
Grapefruit juiced with orange

mid morning:
a square with a layer of chocolate from Bliss Cafe

Red Raspberry herb was put in filtered water cleaned and energized by a magnet and sits in the sun steeping for later tea. yes!

red raspberry leaf tea steeping room temperature water

The tea which I tasted at supper tastes flowery unlike when it is steeped in hot water. I love the taste and lightness of the tea. I warmed it on the warming section of the stove top.

The crackers prepared yesterday of pulp from juicing turned out crispy crunchy crunch and choice with taste.

More crackers are in the dehydrator now… another experiment of grapefruit & almonds.

Prepared felafel and it too is dehydrating as I type.

3:45 PM a salad with tuna-ish and cashew cheese. Again I forgot to take a picture and offer up a substitute picture without the cashew cheese and tuna-ish salad.

4:00 PM water to drink

Making mango chutney tomorrow, I thought I was going to make it today.

Pizza for supper and I forgot to take pictures! It was oh so surprisingly select!

Carrot Cake for dessert and it tastes better than a day ago. Wowsy. and I am tired.