Wednesday, August 31, 2011

She's come undone, and that is good

10:26 AM 2 7/8 cups of water. I wasn't the least bit interested in any water or food until this time.
following the water: a large pink grapefruit and a handful of nuts (walnuts/pecans soaked and dehydrated)

12:50 PM lunch pizza and a tart. The pizza: wrap dehydrated more than usual used for the base, almond/pecan cheese, mariana sauce, raw olives, fresh from my garden- basil leaves, sun dried tomato, red onion, sunflower pate(of sprouted sunflower seeds with fresh parsley and minced dill pickles> all surrounded by fresh from my garden, beans; a WOW(!)echoes from the chambers of my pleasure.

It was a shared lunch. A 'more please'(!)lunch.

3:30 PM matcha tea, a bliss ball and small lemon macaroon

8:00ish PM a tart topped with almond/pecan cheese, a couple forks full of the spectacular sunflower pate.

10:00ish PM a pink grapefruit

made a batch of almond milk and chia pudding for maybe- breakfast.

Tally Ho!