Sunday, August 21, 2011

Do you Exercise?

7:00 AM a whole grapefruit, and 1 orange juiced mixed with rejuvelac

9:15 AM a slice of the rye toast with cashew cheese, a few minutes later a few grapes (not a food hygiene way of eating and I do understand fruit needs no digestion so ought to be eaten first in order that it passes through the intestines and not be held back fermenting in your gut whilst digesting heavier food eaten prior to it which requires at least a few hours digestion)

!2:00 PM linguine with mariana mixed with sun dried tomato pesto and olives

5:20 a grapefruit

I have been drinking a lot of water today. More mercury is flushing from me, so have been on phytogreens to ward off re-absorbing the mercury.

5:37 PM a smoothie, very thick one with phytogreens, orange, banana, strawberries, cherries, mango; all but the orange and phytogreens frozen and blended with ice cubes. Gawd the taste is out of this world!! (I am typing this as I am drinking/eating it; it is really thick).

6:00ish PM a kiwi fruit cut up and covered with the whey from making the cashew cheese, and topped with a few pecans

8:45 PM 1/8 of a small watermelon

10:30 PM snack attack so I ate 4 felafels with cashew cheese, two with sun dried tomato pesto and two with cashew cheese and mango chutney.

whipping marvelous appetizer or meal with a salad