Friday, July 15, 2011

Always remember to soak nuts and seeds

In 'Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine'-- Gabriel Cousens inludes a sprouting and soaking chart for many foods. I find it extremely useful.

Yesterday I woke in the morning and since then, aside from 2 - 15 minute naps, I have not slept and am only just as I start doing this blog tonight, feeling tired. This is a first for me. It is very odd how much energy I have had all day and how wide awake I have been.

Earlier in the day I ate strawberries covered in almond milk.

Noon, I suppose it was, I ate an ok tasting mango.

With the fresh batch of rejuvelac ready today, experimentation began with some sunflower/almond cheese. It will be ready tomorrow.

The rejuvelac is fizzy and has a nice lemony taste.
It was made using oat berries. 1/2 cup of dry oat berries soaked and sprouted then fermented in 3 cups of added water and fermented for 48 hours.

In the blender there are sunflower seeds, almonds, coconut aminos, kelp powder and rejuvelac ready to blend for a cream cheese. It ferments as I write. The bowl shows the blended product. The recipe is from 'Recipes for Longer Life' by Ann Wigmore.

Supper was the rest of the spaghetti pasta dish from last night, which I ate early in the evening. My appetite was down today.

Feast your eyes on the colour of those blueberries! Wow! Granola with almond milk this evening became part of the menu. This particular granola is from Bliss Cafe. It is a sweet and crunchy combination followed by a pear.