Sunday, July 10, 2011

Comment Feature Is Enabled Now!

Today was an odd out of sort’s food day for me. I didn't feel like making a veggie meal aside from a veggie & fruit juice.

I didn't pay attention to time other than what part of the day I ate. Starting in very late morning I had a large grapefruit sectioned, walnut halves, bee pollen and a few pecans.

Early afternoon I had a bosc pear and sesame tahini. I love that combo.

Later in early afternoon I juiced a few veggies and fruits and made a big deal about how wonderful it tasted. I used carrots, beets, kale, orange, apple, cucumber, and celery and ate a few pecans with it. It looked like a rainbow juice. See the lovely rainbow effect in the froth.

In the evening I wasn't hungry however, at 7:55 PM I got hungry! I had real hunger noises and vibrations stirring up a fuss in my intestines, a true organ recital. I decided to eat after 8:00 PM for this evening. I have been faithfully sticking to the eating cut off at 8:00 PM. Now it will be a challenge to see if this off schedule night beckons me to nightly eating or if I will easily resume the schedule.

What I ate was frozen fruit through the juicer. I made not intentionally, another rainbow dish of: a bit of banana, strawberries, a few grapes, mango and a couple of cubes of coconut almond cream. It was perfect. I wanted nothing more. :)

The picture shows a deer friend who comes to graze in the yard every day now, sometimes frequently throughout the day. That was a beautiful Echinacea plant he munched away. Today I caught him in action. Yesterday he was outside my bedroom door and only looked up at me when I pulled out the camera. Today after taking this picture I opened the door and he scampered across the yard. I did call to him that he is not to eat garden plants.