Monday, July 4, 2011

Gorgeous Day!

This morning brought in yet another healing crisis. Every time I experience them and so far in a year there have been half a dozen or more, I feel progress is continuing. The healing crises are not so easy to meet with yet hands on healing certainly is a furiously quick assistant. The results of hands on healing and prayer never cease to amaze me. Tonight I reflect upon this morning and the fear thoughts that rose to the surface. My thoughts have been reframed and now I feel excited with the results I am getting thus far.

It was after noon before I ate anything, which started with 2 large juicy pink grapefruit together with bee pollen and pecans, one after another. Really it was all such a fine taste!

Sushi mid afternoon made from the rest of the sunflower pate, some of the mango chutney and romaine lettuce. While making the sushi I munched on a few green beans dipped in the tahini dressing. The sushi was a super nice tasting combination. It also was a messy combination to put together. Next time a like combo I will stack the ingredients differently for a less sloppy to roll effect.

After being in the sun gardening for a couple of hours I enjoyed an orange and some walnuts. I drank a lot of water today. I returned to gardening and didn't come in until 5 past 8:00 PM. It was tempting to eat some fruit. My decision was it would be best if I gave myself a reflexology treatment following the energy treatment on myself this morning, drink a glass of water while watching something on netflix and call it a night. This I will do as soon as I post today's entry.

It was a Gorgeous Day! It surely felt like a day out of my childhood!