Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's the last day of June, 2011. wow

Hard to believe it really is the last day of June, already!

My eating for this fine day commenced at 10:30 AM with a drink of 4 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice mixed in 16 oz of water. I sipped at that whilst I made cracker dough to dehydrate; (yesterday I posted I would tell you about the crackers today… spin that off until tomorrow. They are made and dehydrating tho). When I realized I was out of two ingredients I grabbed a few pecan pieces to munch on while I made way to the store. It was then I noticed how much non snacking I am doing between meals. I can easily either forget to eat in the day or snack all day long instead of making a sit down meal. Currently I am making meals and eating in a flow of when I feel hungry or in need of slowing down the detox.

At precisely 3:58 PM I sat down to a lovely lunch of green beans, zucchini slices, a falafel ball, some sunflower pate with tahini sauce(dressing) on top. The combination was surprisingly wonderful tasting. I had a glass of coconut water as well.

Coconut water is a very high source of electrolytes. Keep that in mind when you reach for those bottled drinks with the 'don't want to ingest those ingredients', or when you are into competitive sports. You can get young fresh coconuts from Asian markets. If the store is busy they keep their shelves stocked with a steady flow of fresh product. The coconuts in Victoria have over doubled in price in the last few months. When I started buying them here they were $1.50 each .. Last week I paid $3.29 a piece.

The sunflower pate was made from soaked sunflower seeds, water, fresh lemon juice, garlic, himalayan salt, cayene pepper, red onion, fresh dil weed. The recipe is from 'Raw Food Made Easy' by: Jennifer Cornbleet.

After eating the plate full I felt more than satisfied!

It wasn't until 7:00 PM that I desired more to eat. As I prepared tomorrow's mango chutney I ate an orange. Afterwards I made up a dish of orange, kiwi, blueberries, grapes, bee pollen which I ate with a couple of coconut macaroons. It is after 8:00 PM now and I am good for the evening, sipping a cup of red clover blossom tea. It is a great blood purifier.

The photo is of the details on the other side of the lovely ceramics tumbler. The artist is 'Leanne Pizio' in North Carolina. I LOVE her works of art.

Hey, You! Catch ya tomorrow! :)

Before Bed Eating

Eating before bed does not work for me. My belly is burning this morning, my left ear is ringing. Starting tonight, I am returning to eating is before 8:00 PM (exception of fresh fruit if I feel hungry). Herbal tea or water will be ok to ingest. For years I used to eat this way, and the experience was very good. Rather than put myself in a position of feeling like I need to eat something late at night because I had not eaten all day or for many hours, I am working at eating in late afternoon or early evening. The longer overnight fast is most beneficial overall. It is beneficial to fit in 24 hour plus fasts between eating.