Friday, December 2, 2011

Snack Tonight Included

mashed cauliflower and parsnip; recipe by Mimi Kirk
a staple lately in my meals, in other words…. I LOVE it!

brussel sprouts salad with jicama raw fries; recipe by: Mimi Kirk
**this was my snack this evening. Really very perfect! I used stone ground mustard as a dip. There is more of these dishes stored in the fridge for tomorrow. Glory Be!

coconut pulp with coconut water fermenting into yogurt-- I can hardly wait until tomorrow to eat some after sneaking a taste-- oh, it's a mighty fine taste alright!

Suddenly, mid November I felt compelled to be doing workout exercises in the gym. I was then given a free membership and have been doing aerobics since. Next step is yoga and weight lifting. Each weekend I try to make the yoga class and thus far have not been able to work it in. Here is a great video to inspire anyone into believing they too can improve their fitness. I work out at GoodLife Fitness which has both an infrared sauna and a steam sauna. I do the infrared followed by the steam after each workout.
My energy is high for working out and I love it every moment. Odd, in the past I would have to push myself and was forever looking for ways to entertain myself while using equipment. Now time flies and before I know it 2 hours has passed! That'd be 5 thumbs up! I'm a happy gal.

Exercising helps with the mercury detox and I think my sudden apparent go wild 'need' for it tells me I am ready to go to deeper levels of detox. I am considering writing a partner blog regarding drainage and detox.

I wonder what time Ernestine actually goes to bed. wow up at 3:00 AM

Ernie is one exercise loving creature! She looks fabulous and I'm sure she feels so too.