Friday, September 9, 2011

I love homemade nut cheese, and they are so easy to make!

This morning I woke with a headache. It is not a good idea to eat as much as I did last night and the mixture of food that I ate, before bed. For years I followed the natural hygienic way of eating- their way of food combining and I found that highly beneficial. My eating last night was not in cahoots with natural hygienists, nor was it compatible with my digestive system. (headache was mild and didn't last long)

AM 20 oz of water, 1/2 a dozen veggie chips fresh from the dehydrator

4:33 PM zucchini lingini, almond cheese, salad of green beans, cucumber, lettuce, gr. onion

6:00 PM blueberries with almond mild - 2 bowls full

6:58 PM a sprinkling of pecans

8:30 PM a bliss ball and raspberry tea

(earlier in the day I was not hungry thus the gap from morning until 4:33 PM. I made up for it in the evening!)

10:00 PM 1/2 dozen veggie chips with almond cheese. The cheese made of almonds, probiotics, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, and olives, is superb(!), as are the chips!

10:10 PM mejool dates with sesame tahini and blueberries