Thursday, August 4, 2011


Morning began with a beautiful squeaky fresh green juice. Easy to make and out of the sunshine pleasure winking taste.

'Rejuvelac!' It has been working for me and I love the stuff! Sometimes I add lemon yet I do love the taste of it on its own.

Some homemade almond milk with date and vanilla in it, soured. Don't know if I ought to drink it or not. It is beside my computer here so I can stare at it and ponder the decision. Dang, where is my courage? I want someone to tell me it is ok, that they drank it and survived the experience with no undesired side effects. I love the taste of it. Ah Shucks, I ain't gunna risk it, this time.

I made crackers and chips with veggies and fruits today as well as falafel, mango chutney and kelp noodles with tomato/olive pesto. (the pesto is raw and purchased at a local organic market)

Crackers and chips vary with tastes of lemon, grapefruit, and spicy veggie, thus far. All taste wicked, says me. The thing I don't like to do so much of yet, is write down the measurements as I experiment. I am getting close to doing so. One batch of chips is light and crunchy; they are truly chips and dehydrated in low temp in the dehydrator.

enticing green Felafel!

Supper, hmmm I forget the time. Kelp noodles with tomato pesto, felafel-- the newly made are the green patties, the brown felafel was from an older batch. Thumbs up the green felafels rule, mango chutney-- you really gota to try it(!), salad with sesame tahini dressing, and fresh green beans. There are wonderful riches in our foods, and eaten raw, you truly-significantly-benefit!

Live Food Elders Conference 2011, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center