Saturday, August 6, 2011

a large Cherry Tart!

First off, think the words 'what do you do when someone mentions raw living food',
yum, yum, yum, yum yum yum yum yum yum, yum yum yum,
sing, clap your hands, boogie, jive, smile, laugh!

Please note the product advertised in the song is not raw, nor do I endorse or not endorse it or use it myself. (for clarification reasons only)

Laughter is an essential health promoting ingredient!

7:30AM Rejuvelac

9:40 AM pear with hemp butter

Moss Street Market

Moss Street Market

To market, to market, to buy herbs, flowers, veggies…

what a treat just seeing this booth

...and a surprise tie dye dress which I pick up tomorrow since I had spent all my money on food.

Posted with Gratitude for 'Planet Organic' and other local organic Vendors!

Two more errand destinations before home, Planet Organic and to get water.

12:45 PM Rejuvelac

1:14 PM lemon veggie crackers (been tardy about getting crackers photographed)

2:55 PM Green juice

6:00ish PM linguine cut from zucchini and sweet potato, marinara sauce with added shiktake mushrooms and olives, seed/nut cheese, lettuce and herbs flowered with the pretty colours of tasty petals.

What is food? Alive Glorious Vibrant Vibrating Colour!

oh, you been looking for, that tart? Cherry, made with walnuts, coconut crystals, coconut oil for the pastry; fresh bing cherries(I pitted which was way quicker than I imagined it would be), dates, freshly squeezed orange juice. This tart won't last long. Easy to make, easier to eat! Gosh darn it it's far out eye rolling, mouth gaping, amazing!

once upon a time a whole tart appeared, so did 3 people, and...

The pie plate is a 'Leanne Pizio" original. It I will photo and display later gators.