Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Let Your Life Morph

AM water 20 oz plus; pecans

12:40 PM matcha tea made with almond milk, vanilla flavouring, coconut crystals, matcha pwd, hemp seeds-- an experiment and it is down right yum go wild with taste satisfaction

I just noticed deer must have jumped up onto the deck. Two sunflowers have been eaten and the beautiful yellow flowers as well. The sunflowers I thought, were for the birds. The pretty flowers I thought were for the bees. So I thought, so I thought, so I thought.

more to add on Thursday-- hmmmm I misplaced the paper I jotted down the days eating activity on. When and if I find it I will fill in the gap here. until then, on to September 8th!


This morning I woke with mercury healing happening again. The times between these experiences are much further apart now. This time it was further up my body, once again. It was in mid chest and drew a lot from my lungs as well. A self-energy treatment helped a lot. It felt like a small vice in me pushing and drawing and there was quite a bit of discomfort.

9:49 AM grapefruit walnuts/pecans

11:46 AM mango, a little bit only since I determined it fermenting and turning bad.

12:12 PM I made an icy cantaloupe drink, whole cantaloupe with added phytogreens pwd.

2:11 grapefruit chips with sesame tahini

3:26 PM small bowl of blackberries in almond milk

4:00ish PM matcha tea and a small chocolate goji berry brownie from Bliss Cafe. I don't really like to do chocolate and I felt myself get a buzz with the first bite! It is 2:18 AM as I type this up and I am still going strong!

8:56 PM mejool dates and sesame tahini

after 1:00 AM a blackberry tart

I can't believe what I ate today. Where are the veggies?? After the brownie I wanted sweet yet my thoughts went to veggie juice of smoothie predominantly veggie, and I decided I didn't want to stop what I was doing in order to prepare one of them. It was easy to grab what I did grab.

I broke my vacuum cleaner tonight while vacuuming after 1:00 AM. I am pretty sure a Q-tip was sucked up. The machine immediately sounded different, somewhat stressed. Then suddenly it went nuts. I thought it would explode into fire and I shut it off and it wouldn't stop for a few seconds. Cripes. It is outside on the back porch now. Dern it, I think it is dead.

my first sunflower this year has come to blooming, isn't it ever so pretty!