Monday, August 29, 2011

This Day is Given Me

I think I am eating too much the last two weeks. It feels like food is stuffing me up, stuffing me up as in making my body feel dense. So I am going to notice when gluttony sets in and what I reach for. Nuts for sure especially in combination with avocado are more difficult for me to utilize the energy of.

8:00 AM a pink grapefruit :)!

1:37 PM a smoothie of (now pay attention to this combination, eh) heh… I cleaned up the fridge, to use up bits of foods. Carrot, spinach, celery, kale, zucchini, orange, fresh picked this morning blackberries, phytogreens powder. (with 6 caps of phytogreens and Orti C-- I aim to soak up the mercury).

5:47 PM 2 tarts, Blackberry tarts that look like raspberry because of the orange juice added.

I made 22 Blackberry tarts today. The shell is almond and pecan based. All raw of course.

9:00 PM a chai tea with almond milk and a coconut macaroon from Bliss Cafe. I was out and about heading home and had this snack waiting for me, in my car. (I picked the tea and macaroon up before running errands)

9:13 PM salad of garden lettuce, lemon thyme, chives, parsley, green beans, added almond/pecan cheese, pear and mustard dressing(sounds like last night, huh). It is a repeat of last night only with pear instead of tomato. I was hungry and it tasted so very fine. :)

Water intake is down to 24 oz. today… I need a bigger bladder.