Monday, August 1, 2011

Beginning of August

grapefruit and raw soaked dehydrated pecans

It only improves a morning to feast on lemon juice in rejuvelac followed by 2 juiced grapefruit and a handful of pecans.

Citri Star juicer

I use the 'Citri Star juicer' for juicing citrus juice. The pulp comes out fairly wet, unlike using the champion juicer. Citrus pulp easily clogs the champion. The Citri Star juicer is the easiest device to clean!

Beautiful Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice

great for cleansing and encouraging weight loss

pear with hemp butter and sliced kiwi

3:06 PM This snack experiment is an immediate favourite! I ate two whole pears which was one pear too much.

5:55 PM an OMG Mango! :)

veggies and spices in the blender. Lot's of pepper, eh

voila(!) Butternut Soup, just like that!

sprouted rye berries dehydrated into rye toast

6:32 PM Butternut soup with a piece of the rye toast.

Before bed-- A MANGO!