Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Out and About the Island

A good morning; early, and met with fresh squeezed lemon juice mixed with rejuvelac. More on this batch of rejuvelac tomorrow. There is a definite difference to it.

The rejuvelac sat beside a bowl of orange pieces and bee pollen, covered with almond milk topped and BC cherries. I couldn't finish the whole breakfast so most of the rejuvelac went with me on the road again.

I forgot to take food with me today so I did the cooked challenge. I had an organic coffee, second one this week with a straight up commercial bagel that actually flattened into a spongy dough 'substance' as it cooled after being toasted. That was the weirdest bagel ever to cross my lips. It spoke to me that I was most likely eating inorganic chemicals (of inanimate, not biological origin).

Later I carried on to explore eating a cooked meal, again. Seems to me that January was the last time I decided to eat a cooked meal. I ate Mexican; a vegetarian quesadilla. The picture shows the waitress serving me the meal.

The first few bites held a flavour of sorts and soon it made no sense in my mouth. My mouth became desensitized to the food. That was an odd experience!

The Menu

The table decoration and the dessert menu

I had absolutely no interest in any dessert!

When I returned home, I devoured fresh whole cherries.

During the meal I stayed mindful of my reaction to the cooked eating experience. There was little life left in the food and I maintained a neutral reaction to what I ate. The coffee was deelish!

One of the exciting points of today was finding and purchasing this book!!

On my way home I thought about the idea of addiction. I think addiction is merely the denial of having made a choice. An unwillingness to acknowledge a personal choice has been made; pretending that something/someone is in control. That can run deep.

In effect a not knowing how to be at peace with ones choice.

Following this day, a night time dream brought me face to face with an aspect of myself that is no doubt tied up with an emotional component of eating. The dream portrayed this aspect as a domineering man. I was mindful of him in my dream as I was mindful of myself during the cooked meal. He was of a controlling nature, thinking everything around him ought to be as he spelled it out to be. I only watched him; I offer no judgement about his ways. I felt fine with who I am and what I did and the choices I made for myself even though he made it clear that he wasn't.

Tuesday July 26, 2011


11:58 AM a mango superb! :)

12:50 PM thank you makers of juicers! veggie/fruit juice squeezed from celery, dandelion, black kale, cucumber, carrot, beet, granny smith apple with a half scoop of phytogreen powder added.

Also part of the 12:50 PM meal was a bosc pear spread with hemp butter.

Then at approximately 3:30 PM a friend and I stopped at Bliss Cafe where I ordered a matcha tea, a shot of wheat grass juice and 2 bliss balls. Buzzed again. It is 1:36 AM and I am still energized. Really I don't know if I will get any sleep tonight.

Google Matcha to find out all about it. It is the green tea used in Japanese Ceremonial Tea.

Taken from the web: 'The health benefits of matcha tea exceed those of green tea because when you drink matcha you ingest the whole leaf, not just the brewed water.
One glass of matcha is the equivalent of 10 glasses of green tea in terms of its nutritional value and antioxidant content.'

I don't know, is matcha together with wheat grass juice possibly overkill? A way to get to know oneself is to experiment and find out.
Yeh, it is overkill-overkill for me.

At 3:30 PM at Bliss Cafe I bought two Bliss Balls as well. Drinking the tea and eating the bliss balls stretched over the next hour as my friend Brenda and I went health food store shopping and then back to my residence.

I ate some organic BC cherries before going to bed. It had been 6 hours since the tea, shot of wheat grass and Bliss Balls.

I am starving and look forward to breakfast!

Hey, it is Brenda! Her and I were on a walk at Island View Beach! Brenda is visiting until tomorrow night then heading back east to Ontario where she lives.

When I was waiting for the shot of wheat grass juice to be served to me I saw it sitting on the counter and I wanted to drink the juice right away. The server seemed to be moving excessively slowly and was chatting with a visitor and left the little glass of juice sit on the counter where there was risk it would become stale. Now that was hard to watch. I wanted to drink the juice as fresh as possible and it wasn't like he was swept off his feet and couldn't hand it over the counter to me. I asked if that was in fact my juice and was told yes and that it would be given to me when the matcha tea was ready to serve. So I was patient and waited and as soon as the shot of juice was set in front of me I tossed it into my mouth and swallowed. That seemed like the only sane thing to do.

It was mindfulness at work again. I was well aware of all my feelings and thoughts the entire time. I also listened to myself whine a little complaint to Bren.
There is a lot of funny stuff that spills forth during each day. The funny stuff is what we make of the goings on.