Sunday, July 17, 2011

This morning seems like ages ago!

This morning I was up at 5:30 AM. Interesting that I slept for only 4 hours and haven't napped today to compensate for the possibly lack of sleep hours. I am not used to this. I like a good nights sleep yet I have wanted to be able to not sleep so much and to rise earlier. Rising after 4 hours sleep, felt effortless. I have not wanted to force myself to do anything. The thought nudged me to return to bed and I decided I wasn't tired and I wasn't going back to bed. I have no idea where this will take me.

At 8:45 AM I drank rejuvelac and lemon followed by a small handful of pecans. Nice way to open to a day.

10:30 AM felt like 2 oranges and bee pollen, which I ate and loved.

10:50 was filled with eating a small handful of sprouted dehydrated sunflower seeds.

the cup and saucer-- a 'Leanne Pizio original'

1:47 PM There is Echinacea tincture in water in that teacup. I heated water and added Echinacea tincture to treat some strange symptom in my right leg. It seems to be working since the symptoms reversed for the most part. I don't know if the rejuvelac is triggering detox symptoms of a sort, or not.

Ground flax seed mixed with the sprouts that remained from fermenting the rejuvelac, made amazing bread. It would be a shame to have wasted them. Making rejuvelac in an interesting process. This is a picture of the slices in the dehydrator ready to dry to a toast.

Juice was next… I felt compelled to make a fresh veggie juice adding an apple to sweeten it. It was oh so fine!

The toast finished!

2:09 PM and I was hungry for something solid so I made another couple of cabbage rolls like the meal yesterday. When I make food I love the taste of and have the ingredients on hand, I have no difficulty continuing to eat it day after day until it is all gone.

I went grocery shopping… wanted to make a lasagna and came home without zucchini. oops. Don't know if I will get the lasagna made from this batch of cheese now. No problem, I can make more cheese in a few days.

I ate a few, oh so wow, cherries…

… and decked two pieces of the freshly done toast, with hemp butter and some honey, which tasted truly delightful and much like baked bread toasted, to me! Even the texture was like traditional toast.

At 7:05 PM I finished a second glass of veggie juice and ate avocado, heritage tomato, red onion and sunflower seed/almond cheese.

After another cup of Echinacea tincture in water, I wanted nothing else to eat for the evening feeling quite content. :)

July 16, 2011

Starting the day with Rejuvelac! It tastes so lively and fresh. This batch is amazing! I actually didn't indulge in any food/drink until approx. 2:30 PM.

'Walk Softly on This World'-- another tremdous original pottery piece by 'Leanne Pizio' of North Carolina.

The back of the dish. Amazing, isn't it!

After drinking the rejuvelac I felt like having sorbet 'for breakfast'. Through the champion juicer went the frozen fruit; strawberries, mango cubes, almond milk cubes, almond/coconut cream cubes. The combo is seriously delicious!

An early afternoon snack of a pear & Walnuts.

Late afternoon a couple of veggie rolls using cabbage, sunflower/almond cheese, avocado and red onion. hit the WOW spot! The sunflower/almond cheese is aged to my palate. I feel a lift when I eat it.

Rejuvelac provokes in me a huge appetite. It may be speeding up my metabolism. Today I started another batch of oat berries for sprouting. There are many more recipes I want to try that call for rejuvelac. Ann Wigmore had a love relationship extraordinaire with rejuvelac and I certainly can see why.

Mango followed by freshly dehydrated sprouted sunflower seeds mixed with a few raisins, golden berries, goji berries, currants a wee bit of cacao nibs and coconut, all covered with almond milk satisfied an early evening food crave, so I thought.

Eating didn't stop there. I am eating another bosc pear and pistachios as I write this entry, much later.