Saturday, August 20, 2011

heh haw haw hee hee

Morning, early, grapefruit/orange juice with rejuvelac.

12 noonish a veggie wrap filled with some mango chutney/ mung bean sprouts, red cabbage and felafel. I loved it so much that I ate two!

veggie wrap, mango chutney, mung bean sprouts, red cabbage, felafel

some while later I ate a pear. I hadn't had a pear in a number of days and loved it like I had never eaten a pear before!

Supper salads eaten approx. 7:35 PM, one salad loaded vegetable and some fruit.

heirloom tomato, yellow pepper, romaine lettuce, avocado, sweet lime fruit, kiwi, cauliflower, cucumber, celery, chopped kale, mustard vinaigrette.

and... one predominately 'carrot pulp' salad; the carrot pulp from juicing carrots. I use up as much of the food as possible. There is no need to toss the pulp and if you do toss it to the compost or place it in a biodegradable bag for road side garbage pick up! Make sure your food is organic. That is a HUGE part of a 'raw food life style'. Although non organic will suffice if you have not access to organic. Get magnets to clean the food with. Clean on the north side of the magnet, recharge on the south side of the magnet. The carrot salad is a bearer of good news for the liver.

carrot pulp, black pepper, dill pickle, fresh squeezed lemon juice, olive oil

While making supper I got to making cashew cheese and felafels, as well. Make sure your cashew are truly raw. Deception is also within the raw foods industry. I use a sprout bag to hang the cheese to allow the whey to drip free. You can use cheese cloth. There is non bleached cheese cloth on the market.

raw cashew, HMF probiotic, food processor, hung in a sprout bag to drain off whey

Felafel is so easy and quick to make. :)!
felafel top shelf, the green things, bottom shelf, the sprouted rejuvelac saturated rye berries toast

With another batch of Rejuvelac finished brewing there are more sprouted rye berries to convert into bread. Thus the process began while making supper.

rye toast, this batch with sun-dried tomato, salt, black pepper

The fridge needs more almond milk! :)

raw almonds soaking in preparation of becoming almond milk

I nibbled upon half a piece of black pepper rye berries toast.

Before bed, a whole grapefruit.

Another day leaving me soaring onward!