Thursday, July 28, 2011


10:10 AM Breakfast, rejuvelac and a mango. I was awake at 6 AM not hungry.

The Rejuvelac

This batch is made with rye kernels. They have proven by far to be the absolute best berries to use to make the rejuvelac. I love the fresh lemony taste which is much fresher tasting than the rejuvelac made with oat berries. Possibly the gluten is important to the fermentation process? I don't know. Someone informed me that rye berries keep on sprouting during the fermenting of the drink. Tomorrow I will make toast from the berries and see how I react to it. Oat berry toast proved to be too heavy for my digestive track. It could be that the oat berries had soured in the process and grown a tinge of bad bacteria.(they smelled quite different than the rye berries smell)

1:20 PM Thought of food propelled me to eat my lunch at this time. I wasn't planning on it. Salad greens with mustard vinaigrette, grape tomatoes and avocado, veggie/fruit juice with half a scoop of phytogreens and some veggie dehydrated crackers.

5:16 snack or supper possibly. Veggie crackers with hemp butter and sliced kiwi fruit. I love the look of the kiwi sliced. The combination was interesting to my palate and a 'must have another time' as well!

10 minutes later it was a bosc pear that popped in with a 'gotta have' feel, so I ate one.

approx 9:15 PM after grocery shopping-- BC cherries :)

The pulp from juicing.

adding ground flax seed

the golden ground flax seed ready to mix into the pulp

the mixture dehydrating into crackers!

It feels like a varicose vein condition that was advancing in my right leg is subsiding. After drinking rejuvelac one day the veins and circulation felt over active with a feeling of pressure all over. The next day they felt better than quite some time. Since then they seem to improve almost daily. I notice the varicose veins markings in my eyes is also clearing (Iridology). Could be I am just doing much less driving. I don't know, yet.