Friday, July 8, 2011

Earlier Morning

Another healing crisis surfaced this morning. It was such a small one in comparison of others. The detox is rising higher and higher inside my body. I am fascinated with that aspect. The purification effects showing in the body is from bottom up. I thought it would happen the other way around.

I was awake earlier and felt more energy. Didn't want to go back to sleep. Gave myself a wee energy treatment and shone into a rise.

11:30 AM a large grapefruit, pistachios and bee pollen went down like a piece of heaven.

1:28 PM a macaroon

1:45 PM I cut up two mango and froze them into an ice cube tray for sorbet. After cleaning the stone best I could with a knife and spoon, I nibbled the two stones clean. Great tasting mango!

4:14 PM was heading on an errand so took along a pear and some tahini. That makes a nice combo. I do ultimate best with bosc pears over all I have tried.

5:30 PM some grapes…. ouch with those; my pancreas objected with a burning feeling. First time I have felt my pancreas object about something. My body briefly heated with healing heat.

6:00 PM and it felt like time for supper. Tonight I peeled zucchini into strips that liken fettuccini pasta and mixed in the remaining marinara sauce from last night. Added a couple of tunaish from the freezer topped with red onion and voila… another tasty meal. I ate the remaining macaroon after dinner. It is 10:41 PM now and I still feel satisfied as I sip a glass of fresh lemon aide. I don't sweeten lemon aide. I love the sour taste ever since eating raw/living.

So the rejuvelac, I am off to a bad start. It didn't smell so nice when I drained off the first batch. I am following Anne Wigmores book and also a video on youtube. There is a discrepancy in the two although the fellow in the video is following Wigmores method as well, same food prep book in fact. hmmmmm. I tasted it and it was ok, too much of a dilution but the taste was not like the smell. I put a couple of bottles in the fridge and added less water this time to the sprouted oat berries. If I don't have an adverse reaction tonight I figure the rejuvelac will be good to make cheese with. Or I may start anew and perfect it a bit more before moving to cheese making. I have done this back in the 80's and it worked fine. Till Tomorrow, tata!!