Friday, July 29, 2011

Also please watch the Forgiveness video…
Could you do the same?

Before Breakfast mejool dates were covered in water to soak. One will be used in making a batch of almond milk.

Almonds that soaked for at least 12 hours were drained and rinsed ready for me to individually peel off the brown skin. It is a process I like to do in case there are any almonds that have turned bad, which happens, and so far in every batch I have soaked and peeled.

I then had fresh squeezed lemon in rejuvelac and water then a glass of fresh juiced vegetable with added apple and orange.

Lunch became crackers with hemp butter and some with lettuce and mustard vinaigrette together with a small cupful of the breakfast juice. It worked.

During the day I also ate two mangoes, a large plum and a kiwi fruit and a handful of crackers and a weensy bit of dehydrated crackers.

It is withdrawal day for the coffee I drank on Wednesday. Withdrawal time after a cup of coffee is always 2 days. I don't get as much accomplished on withdrawal day since I lose my interest in doing. My roomy invited me to a boat ride which I excitedly accepted. It was terrific to get out on the water. We didn't have far to go for water, across the why and down a mile and we were at the boat oaring area of Elk Lake. I return home very tired and hungry for supper.

ground sunflower seeds, pepita and almonds all soaked and processed with rejuvelac

the mixture covered in cheese cloth, set in the warm place atop the dehydrator to ferment into seed/nut cheese

The sprouted rye berries left over from making rejuvelac were ground in the food processor with some added celtic salt, shaped into narrow slices of bread on telex sheets, ready for the dehydrator. They dehydrated over night at a low temperature of 100 degrees F.

The rye toast, vegetable/flax crackers, soaked pecans-- on dehydrator trays.


A video on Forgiveness, worth watching!