Tuesday, August 2, 2011

point form kinda day

I only have one picture of my food for the day. I forgot to take a picture of the grapefruit snaps I made with grapefruit pulp. I ate them all! More are dehydrating and I will take a photo of the that batch dried.

7:30 AM REJUVELAC!! heh

9:35 AM grapefruit snaps

10:30 AM 2 grapefruit juiced and more grapefruit snaps

A nectarine prolly about 4:00 PM

Some veggie juice mixed with rejuvelac.

Sunflower pate on a small chunk of lettuce while making dinner oh and some veggie crackers and grapefruit snaps.

7:15 PM a salad with sunflower pate - the salad was of lettuce(red) some romaine, sweet red pepper, dandelion leaves, water cress, radishes, topped with heritage tomato and lemon tahini dressing. Yes, as a matter of fact… it tasted terrifically delicious!

Before bed… one Mango! This too will cease.