Friday, August 19, 2011

Mushroom Manure

The Mushroom Manure is for the vegetable garden. I fed 3 of the gardens, today. They are tiny to small gardens.

I hold a certificate as a life-centred transformational counsellor/psychotherapist. The training is on track with experiences that led me to the training, and that is important to me; to include my experience of life. This blogging experience has been an extension in ways that takes me more intimately into the depth of myself, as I knew it would be. So far so good with keeping it going. I come up with heaps and heaps of ideas… most of which I do nothing with. Some of them want so much to be birthed they cling on until I do something about them. That is the case of this blog… the idea was 2 years ago. I began it then let it go until a couple of months ago. It never left me alone for long through those 2 years. It quietly nudged me and nudged me and nudged me until I got back to it: I am reaping what it is teaching me.

Well Good Morning! May your day be a fresh-delectable-toothsome one!

9:00ish AM Rejuvelac with grapefruit/orange juice, freshly squeezed and phytogreens powder mixed in.

You know the fresh squeezed commercial fruit juices are not what you think they are, do you? They remove the oxygen from the juice and store it up to a year in vats. Then they need to boost it for the market, with flavourings which gives it that steady taste. Lack of nutrients. The taste grabs the attention and the words used to market it are as well. HOWEVER(!) It does not compare to Fresh Squeezed Juice!

10:10 AM approximately I sampled two chunks of the sushi roll. Mr. Roomy called exactly as I finished enjoying it to tell me how much he likes it. (it was an experiment and I had no intuitive sense of how it would taste)

11:12 AM carrot juice with rejuvelac

Dern it, what time did I eat the rest of the sushi roll? ??

sushi with tuna-ish salad, cashew cheese, mustard dressing, mesclun, julienned celery and carrot, olives, pepper, amidst greek salad. What do you think of that?

12:12 PM a grapefruit

Do YOU take REUSABLE ECO SUPPORTIVE SHOPPING BAGS with you to buy groceries?

4:18 Rejuvelac

While preparing supper I drank and was WOWz'd by...

banana, cantaloupe, ice and phyotgreens powder

6:30ish PM a lettuce salad and cleaning up the greek salad made last evening. The greek salad is way best eaten immediately when prepared. Like at lunch, I added some red pepper dressing to it for the boost in flavour. Pretty much that salad is a thumb and a half down, for me.

lettuce salad with red pepper dressing on the left, greek salad with avocado dressing spiffed up with red pepper dressing on the right

I enjoyed a juicy pink grapefruit sometime before bed. :) mmmmMMmmm

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