Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ok, here I go

Today is a good day. I am on day 2 of back to 100% eating raw living vegan foods. I feel wonderful. It is amazing how little time it takes to feel the effects of eating nothing but good, optimal nutritious food.

I feel that doing this blog will help me to stay on track.

The picture shows a salad I prepared for myself in 2007. I et it all, heh, it was delicious! It is prepared of raw-living-vegan food. Since age 17 my diet has included a very high ratio of raw/living food, full of raw organic garden veggies, fresh organic fruits, raw cheese, herbal teas, natural and energy medicines(introduced through the years), fermented foods and sprouts. My mentors were many via books and in person conferences, including Ann Wigmore, Mother of raw foods.

All along it seems I had been advancing toward a 100% raw living vegan diet; it wasn't a consciously directed motion yet it was a conscious decision to jump on board and a discipline to change eating and thinking habits I had acquired. Reflecting back through the years certainly shows the evolution. I did try Ann Wigmore's approach, years ago, during the years I owned operated a health food store. It was difficult to follow as well as prepare meals for a family who wasn't into that lifestyle. At that time I held a belief that here in Canada the winter months made it impossible for us to stay warm on a raw living vegan diet. I dispelled that belief this past winter when I found the cold easier to take, like never before! I was truly amazed. Usually I find the cold, especially the damp cold, painful. Not this past winter which was even colder than usual. Another reason I was rejecting fully embracing the lifestyle in my thinking was seeing some people living on raw/living and they did not look well. My judgement was the ill look of their exterior was the result of the diet. That thought formed into a belief and that became an unconscious sabotage for my efforts to fully embrace the lifestlye. The people were recovering from debilitating diseases and were going through healing stages. My curiosity and inner knowing kept me applying many principles through the years.

I have followed one form or another of vegetarian eating since age 19 (born fall of 1951- you do the math). Mostly variations of a lacto(sometimes) ovo(sometimes) vegetarian diet, with seafood now and then making it fishy. It was easy to eliminate animal and bird meat. I've never once missed eating meat. I may feel challenged giving up dairy completely, for always. (2013 living without dairy has proven to be quite easy. It is 2013 now and I rarely have any dairy and almost never even think about it(!) and I feel so much better for it)

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